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A new agent for the control of spasticity
  1. Richard F. Jones,
  2. David Burke,
  3. J. E. Marosszeky,
  4. J. D. Gillies
  1. Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Australia
  2. The Division of Neurology, The Prince Henry Hospital, Sydney, Australia
  3. The School of Medicine, University of New South Wales, Australia


    In a preliminary controlled trial, CIBA 34,647-Ba, a gamma aminobutyric acid derivative, was found to be more effective than placebo in reducing spasticity due to spinal injuries. In an uncontrolled trial, 34,647-Ba also appeared more effective than diazepam. The intensity of spasticity was measured electromyographically by the amplitude of the stretch reflex at various velocities, and the results were correlated with those obtained by clinical assessment. 34,647-Ba was effective in both complete and incomplete spinal cord lesions and it is suggested that it has an action at the spinal level. No significant side-effects were encountered.

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