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Traumatic cerebral aneurysms
  1. Brien G. Benoit,
  2. George Wortzman1
  1. Division of Neurosurgery, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Canada
  2. Department of Radiology, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Canada


    Six cases of traumatic cerebral aneurysm are presented, four situated at the base of the brain, and two on peripheral branches. Serial radiography was obtained in five patients, and in each the aneurysms had changed: spontaneous thrombosis, enlargement and change in shape, or rupture with destruction occurred. If surgical treatment of the aneurysm is delayed after the diagnosis has been made by angiogram, repeated angiography is recommended.

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    Clinical features and natural history


    • 1 Address for reprints: Dr. G. Wortzman, Department of Radiology, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto 2, Ontario, Canada.

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