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Spinal cord blood flow in dogs
  1. Ian R. Griffiths
  1. Department of Veterinary Surgery, University of Glasgow, Veterinary Hospital, Bearsden, Glasgow

    1. The `normal' flow


    The spinal cord blood flow has been measured in anaesthetized dogs using an inert radioactive gas (133Xenon) clearance technique. The 133Xe was placed in the cord by direct injection. This study has demonstrated that the flows obtained from the white matter are reproducible and that there is little variation in blood flow in the white matter between different thoracolumbar segments in the same dog. No difference was found in blood flow between dogs anaesthetized with halothane, trichlorethylene, or pentobarbitone.

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    1. The `normal' flow


    • 1 This work was performed at the Wellcome Surgical Research Institute, University of Glasgow.

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