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Spinal cord blood flow in dogs
  1. Ian R. Griffiths
  1. Department of Veterinary Surgery, University of Glasgow, Veterinary Hospital, Bearsden, Glasgow

    2. The effect of the blood gases


    The effect of CO2 on the spinal cord blood flow was investigated in nine dogs. The flow was closely correlated with the paCO2 and at about 85 mmHg was double the normocarbic flow. The effect of pO2 was studied in a further nine dogs. Hypoxia markedly increased the flow which was maximal at paO2 30-40 mmHg. The vasoconstrictor effect of hypocarbia was absent or decreased in hypoxia. The response of the cord vessels to the blood gases was very similar to that of the brain.

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    2. The effect of the blood gases


    • 1 This work was performed at the Wellcome Surgical Research Institute, University of Glasgow.

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