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Differential sensitivity of motor and sensory fibres in human ulnar nerve
  1. J. L. Veale1,
  2. R. F. Mark,
  3. Sandra Rees
  1. Van Cleef Foundation Laboratory, Alfred Hospital, Australia
  2. Department of Physiology, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia


    The human ulnar nerve has been stimulated with square-wave pulses of various fixed durations. Measurements were made of the growth of hand myograms compared with elbow neurograms and of hand myograms compared with finger neurograms, for fixed durations of pulses and increasing strength. The effect of blocking sensory action potentials with stimuli of various durations has been investigated, as well as the blocking of action potentials in motor nerve fibres by voluntary activity. It is concluded that pulses of long duration (1 msec or more) selectively stimulate sensory fibres at threshold, whereas short duration pulses (less than 200 μsec) selectively stimulate motor fibres.

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    • 1 Van Cleef Foundation Research Fellow.

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