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Measurement of extradural pressure and its relationship to other intracranial pressures
  1. N. J. Coroneos,
  2. D. G. McDowall,
  3. R. M. Gibson,
  4. V. W. A. Pickerodt,
  5. N. P. Keaney
  1. Department of Anaesthesia, The University of Leeds, Leeds
  2. Department of Neurosurgery, The General Infirmary, Leeds

    An experimental and clinical study


    Disadvantages associated with the use of ventricular catheters for the prolonged measurement of intracranial pressure have resulted in the search for an alternative technique. Measurement of pressure from the extradural space is one such possibility, but widespread acceptance of this procedure has been limited by the technical difficulties associated with this measurement and lack of information on the relationship between cerebrospinal fluid and extradural pressures. A study to investigate this relationship and to develop a simple and effective technique for measuring extradural pressure is described.

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    An experimental and clinical study

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