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Neuropathy and myopathy in two patients with anorexia and bulimia nervosa.
  1. R Alloway,
  2. E H Reynolds,
  3. E Spargo,
  4. G F Russell


    Two adolescent patients with eating disorders and severe weight loss presented with neuromyopathy. The first was female and had a twenty months' history of bulimia nervosa with weight loss and episodic gorging and vomiting. The second was male with a two-year history of anorexia nervosa characterised by vegetarianism and increasing food restriction. Both had severe wasting and asymmetrical weakness of proximal limb muscles. The first patient deteriorated on refeeding and became temporarily paralysed. Both had a purpuric rash and haematological abnormalities. They made a complete recovery on a mixed diet: vitamin supplements were given to the first but not to the second patient.

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