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Suppressor T cell changes in active multiple sclerosis: analysis with three different monoclonal antibodies.
  1. A J Thompson,
  2. J Brazil,
  3. E A Martin,
  4. M Hutchinson,
  5. C A Whelan,
  6. C Feighery


    This study demonstrates a significant reduction in the number of both total T cells and suppressor T cells identified by monoclonal antibodies in multiple sclerosis patients in acute relapse but not in those in remission. The reduction in the number of suppressor T cells was shown by all three monoclonal antibodies used but was most clearly demonstrated using Leu 2a rather than either OKT 8 or OKT 5. These findings suggest that the choice of monoclonal antibody used in a study of suppressor T cell numbers will influence the results and may help explain the lack of agreement in previous studies.

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