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Recovery from aphasia and neglect after subcortical stroke: neuropsychological and cerebral perfusion study.
  1. G Vallar,
  2. D Perani,
  3. S F Cappa,
  4. C Messa,
  5. G L Lenzi,
  6. F Fazio
  1. Department of Neurology, Policlinico Hospital, University of Milan, Italy.


    Cortical regional cerebral perfusion was assessed by N, N, N1-trimethyl-N1-(2)-hydroxy-3-methyl-5-(I-123) iodobenzyl-1, 3-propanediamine 2 HCl I-123 (HIPDM) and single photon emission computerised tomography (SPECT) in six aphasic and two neglect patients with unilateral subcortical vascular lesions. Assessments were carried out both in the acute phase and after a period ranging from 1 to 6 months after stroke onset. In all patients an almost complete spontaneous recovery occurred and was associated with a significant improvement of cortical perfusion. A relationship between severity of aphasia and degree of cortical hypoperfusion was found, in both the acute and the follow up assessments, in the aphasic subgroup.

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