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Multiple sclerosis: correlation of magnetic resonance imaging with cerebrospinal fluid findings.
  1. L S Honig,
  2. R Siddharthan,
  3. W A Sheremata,
  4. J J Sheldon,
  5. A Sazant
  1. Department of Neurology, University of Miami School of Medicine, FL.


    MRI examination of 41 patients with clinical definite multiple sclerosis showed white matter lesions of high proton T2 signal consistent with demyelination in 76% and CSF abnormalities present in 76%. Of patients with CSF abnormalities, 26% had normal MRI scans; conversely 26% of patients with MRI abnormalities had negative CSF studies. Thus a significant number of multiple sclerosis patients had negative results on either MRI or CSF examination, while only 5% had normal results on both tests.

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