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Skull fracture as a risk factor of intracranial complications in minor head injuries: a prospective CT study in a series of 98 adult patients.
  1. F Servadei,
  2. G Ciucci,
  3. F Pagano,
  4. G G Rebucci,
  5. M Ariano,
  6. G Piazza,
  7. G Gaist
  1. Division of Neurosurgery, Ospedale Bellaria, Bologna, Italy.


    Ninety eight patients admitted to hospital after a minor head injury were studied by CT. Forty seven patients had a skull fracture and 51 did not. Significantly more intracranial lesions were found in those with a fracture (16) that those without (3) (p less than 0.01). Nine of the patients with a skull fracture and positive CT were transferred to a neurosurgical department, where six underwent operation. Operation was not required in patients without a skull fracture. Head injured patients with a skull fracture should undergo CT scanning to enable early detection of an intracranial haematoma.

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