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Appearing and disappearing CT scan abnormalities in epilepsy in India--an enigma.
  1. B C Bansal,
  2. A Dua,
  3. R Gupta,
  4. M S Gupta
  1. Department of Medicine, Medical College and Hospital, Rohtak, India.


    In 230 consecutive cases of epilepsy, CT abnormalities were found in 51.7%. Out of these, 91 cases (39.5%) had non specific abnormalities consisting mostly of ring lesions, hyperdense disc lesions with surrounding oedema in enhanced scans and in a small percentage hypodense lesions, generalised brain oedema and calcifications. All these cases were treated with anticonvulsant drugs alone. A follow up scan was possible in 31 cases, 12 weeks or later, after the control of the seizures. Out of these 31 cases, 24 showed a complete or significant resolution and five remained unchanged. Two of these cases showed an increase in the lesions which resolved on treatment with antituberculous drugs. These lesions therefore may have an aetiology other than tuberculosis in the majority of cases and there is ample justification in treating them initially with anticonvulsant drugs only.

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