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Atlas of Cerebrovascular Disease.

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    Atlas of Cerebrovascular Disease. Edited by philip b gorelick (price £90.00). Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone,1996. ISBN 01878132164.

    This is an impressive book, indeed one of my colleagues referred to it as “Cerebrovascular Disease meets Paris Match”. There are certainly a vast number of high quality illustrations but this is a serious textbook which Dr Gorelick hopes “addresses all of the facets and complexities of stroke risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment in the 1990s in an easily digestible format that emphasises illustrative displays with brief, understandable textual commentary”. To do this 39 authors have contributed to 23 chapters which cover the gamut of cerebrovascular disease. In all of these the text supports the illustrations rather than vice versa but the reference lists are extensive and commendably up to date. One might wonder whether imaging stroke with SPECT deserved an entire chapter particularly since I could not find any discussion of carotid or trans-cranial ultrasound techniques but otherwise there is comprehensive coverage of the topic including a chapter on vascular dementia and three chapters on aspects of rehabilitation.

    For those vascular neurologists whose shelves contain well thumbed copies of Barnett et al, this book will not be a replacement. I suspect, however, that the highly visual format will find favour with junior members of the medical and possibly paramedical staff and if it promotes an interest in cerebrovascular disease so much the better. Nevertheless, unless the book is rapidly followed by an accompanying slide atlas, I suspect it will spend a good deal of its time in medical illustration departments!

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