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Molecular neuropharmacology, a foundation for clinical neuroscience
  1. Michael Trimble

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    Edited by Eric J Nestler, Steven E Hyman, and Robert C Malenka (Pp 503, £36.99). Published by McGraw-Hill, New York, 2001. ISBN 0-8385-6379-1

    For clinicians and students of clinical neuroscience, the pace at which information regarding the subject has accelerated has been phenomenal. Moving from one dopamine receptor to five or from one serotonin receptor to now over a dozen, how does the interested student keep up to date? Further: how can the complexities of molecular neurobiology be understood? How do they interlink with neurones, neurotransmitters, and receptors? How can the gap between such basic neuroscience knowledge and clinical practise be bridged? In such a world we all seek help.

    This book, which is a compendium of basic neuroscience from neuropharmacology to neuronal activity, from neurotransmitters to neuroreceptors, and from the neuroscience underpinnings of clinical problems to the clinical syndromes themselves, covers much from movement to motivation and pain to psychosis. It is outstanding because of its clarity of exposition but also its wealth of tables and diagrams.

    For those who find neuroanatomical concepts difficult to follow, for those who like clear and well laid out cartoons to illuminate the text, and for those who like to integrate basic science with the clinical, the book is an elegant example of what can be achieved.

    For those who lecture and need appropriate graphic material to illustrate their presentations, the book will be particularly valuable. There is a nice conformity to the lay out of the figures and diagrams throughout the text, and considerable clarity is brought to the overall design.

    The price of the book makes it very good value for anybody wishing to have a text that addresses an integrative approach to neuropharmacology and neuropsychiatry in their library.

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