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Psychiatric issues in Parkinson’s disease. A practical guide
  1. A Schrag

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    Edited by Matthew Menza, Laura Marsh. Published by Taylor & Francis, New York, 2005, £75.00 (hardcover), pp 340. ISBN 1-84184-491-8

    The non-motor, and particularly psychiatric, aspects of Parkinson’s disease are increasingly recognised as difficult and important problems that may impact more on patients’ well-being, and be more difficult to manage, than the motor or other physical aspects. This book brings together reviews on theoretical and practical facets of this area from a variety of specialties. It is a useful guide to neurologists and psychiatrists involved in the care of patients with Parkinson’s disease, but perhaps its greatest appeal lies in the fact that it is directed towards all those interested and affected by the psychiatric manifestations and complications of Parkinson’s disease, including allied healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers. It combines in one book a comprehensive …

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