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A new perspective on brain derived neurotrophin factor polymorphism in L-dopa induced dyskinesia
  1. Caroline Moreau,
  2. Alain Destée
  1. Service de Neurologie et Pathologie du movement, Hôpital Roger Salengro, Lille, France
  1. Dr Caroline Moreau, Service de Neurologie et Pathologie du mouvement, EA 2683, IFR 114, Mernt, Hôpital Roger Salengro, Chru Lille, France; c-moreau{at}

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L-Dopa induced dyskinesias (LIDs) affect more than 50% of patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) after 5 years of treatment, and are a major problem for long term therapy.1 One of the main objectives in the management of patients with PD is to prevent or postpone their occurrence.

In this issue, Foltynie and colleagues2 demonstrate that patients with the met allele of the brain derived neurotrophin factor (BDNF) have an increased risk of developing LIDs earlier (see page 141). They previously investigated the link …

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