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  1. M Atim-Oluk*,
  2. JH Harley
  1. Hull Royal Infirmary


    We present a unique case of a 48-year-old Zimbabwean female who emigrated to the UK aged 35.

    Mulitple sclerosis (MS) seldom presents among Africans; only a few case reports and case series have been described. Incidence regarding African immigrants to Western countries is rarer still. This is likely to be an under-estimate. Scarcity of literature regarding epidemiology of MS in developing countries and recent data indicates a rise of MS incidence in low-prevalence areas. Our case report challenges the current notion that immigrants from low risk countries who reside in high risk countries remain at low risk if they immigrate beyond teenage years. Re-examination of the risk of MS related to age at immigration in the UK is warranted as immigrant populations have expanded, especially with respect to African ethnicities since the previous studies in 1976 and 1997. The UK serves as an excellent epidemiological population, far more hetrogenous and of greater quantity than the recent equivalent studies in Norway and Sweden. We envisage our case rousing enough attention to spur on MS research regarding incidence and prevalence in low risk countries, bringing us closer to finding the specific aeitiology of MS.

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