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H6 Oral feeding in huntington’s disease: a dutch guideline for speech and language therapists
  1. Anne-Wil Heemskerk1,2
  1. 1Huntingtoncentre Topaz Overduin, Katwijk, The Netherlands
  2. 2University Windesheim Flevoland, dept Speech and Language Therapy, Almere, The Netherlands


Introduction In 2012 the European guideline for Speech and Language Therapists (SLT) named: Oral feeding in Huntington’s disease, was published (Hamilton A, Heemskerk A, Loucas M, et al., Oral feeding in Huntington’s disease: a guideline document for speech and language therapists. Neurodegenerative disease management 2012;2;1;45–53). This guideline provides information about dysphagia symptoms, research and treatment per stage of HD. Because many SLT’s in the Netherlands who treat HD patients are not familiar with this guideline, a comprehensive yet concise Dutch version of the European guideline was needed.

Method The Dutch HD SLT group* rewrote the original European guideline into a comprehensive yet concise Dutch guideline. These information was subsequently put into schemes.

Results A Dutch SLT guideline for dysphagia in HD was created and published on

Conclusion A well-structured, Dutch version of the European guideline for oral feeding in HD was created by the Dutch HD SLT group. This document can be used by SLT’s who treat HD patients, but are unfamiliar with the disease. The document also contains charters for information about dysphagia symptoms, research and treatment per stage of HD. The Dutch guideline was published on

*Dutch HD SLT group: Kirsten Brouwer, Bianca van der Ende, Cirsten van Gelder, Anne-Wil Heemskerk, Marlou van IJzendoorn Sandra Jansen, Eline Kerkdijk, Margret Knoll, Ellen Koomen, Giovanna Koppen, Lonneke Lette, Maaike Nieuwkamp, Teddy Schenkelaars

  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • dysphagia
  • guidelines

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