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Neurological control of human sexual behaviour: Insights from lesion studies
  1. Amee D Baird (ameebaird{at}
  1. Austin Health, Australia
    1. Sarah J Wilson
    1. University of Melbourne, Australia
      1. Peter F Bladin
      1. Austin Health, Australia
        1. Michael M Saling
        1. University of Melbourne, Australia
          1. David C Reutens
          1. Monash University, Australia


            We review the human literature examining the effects of neurological insult on human sexual behaviour. We provide a synthesis of the findings to date, and identify key brain regions associated with specific aspects of human sexual behaviour. These include subcortical and cortical regions, with the mesial temporal lobe and particularly the amygdala being a crucial structure in the mediation of human sexual drive.

            • human sexual behaviour
            • kluver bucy syndrome
            • amygdala
            • limbic system
            • temporal lobe

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