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Risk factors for early visual deterioration in temporal arteritis
  1. Tobias Loddenkemper (loddenkemper{at}
  1. Cleveland Clinic, United States
    1. Pankaj Sharma (psharma{at}
    1. Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Hammersmith Hospitals & Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
      1. I Katzan (katzani{at}
      1. Cleveland Clinic, United States
        1. Gordon T Plant (gordon{at}
        1. National Hospital Neurology & Neurosurg, United States


          Background: Despite corticosteroid treatment patients with temporal arteritis may continue to lose vision. However, predictors of progressive visual loss are not known.

          Methods: We reviewed 341 consecutive patients with suspected temporal arteritis who underwent temporal artery biopsy. 90 patients with biopsy-proven temporal arteritis were included in our study.

          Results: Twenty-one patients (23%) experienced continuous visual symptoms despite steroid-therapy and fourteen among these suffered persistent visual deterioration. Based on univariate analysis, visual loss on presentation was associated with disc swelling and a history of hypertension. Risk factors for progressive visual loss included older age, elevated CRP and disc swelling.

          Conclusion: Although corticosteroid-therapy improves the visual prognosis in temporal arteritis, steroids may not stop the progression of visual loss. Our study, the largest to date on temporal arteritis, reliably establishes the risk factors for visual loss in this serious condition. Whether addressing these risk factors early in their presentation can alter the visual outcome remains unknown. Individual risk-anticipating treatment regimens and strategies might improve the visual prognosis in temporal arteritis in the future.

          • corticosteroids
          • deterioration
          • temporal arteritis
          • visual loss

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