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The effects of donepezil on nicotinic receptor status in dementia: A 123I-5IA-85380 SPECT study
  1. S J Colloby (s.j.colloby{at}
  1. University of Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
    1. S Pakrasi (sanjeet.pakrasi{at}
    1. Newcastle University, United Kingdom
      1. E K Perry (e.k.perry{at}
      1. Newcastle General Hospital, United Kingdom
        1. S L Pimlott (gcl515{at}
        1. Western Infimary, Glasgow, United Kingdom
          1. D J Wyper (d.wyper{at}
          1. Southern General Hospital, United Kingdom
            1. E D Williams (david.williams{at}
            1. Sunderland Royal Infirmary, United Kingdom
              1. I G McKeith (i.g.mckeith{at}
              1. University of Newcastle, United Kingdom
                1. J T O’Brien (j.t.o'brien{at}
                1. University of Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom


                  Disturbances in the cerebral cholinergic nervous system and subsequent reduction of acetylcholine (ACh) are neurochemical features of AD and DLB, and treatments with acetylcholinesterase inhibitors (AChEIs) offer symptomatic improvement in cognitive and non-cognitive symptoms. One important subclass of acetylcholine receptors are nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR), and have been shown to be implicated in memory and cognitive processes.

                  • Dementia
                  • Donepezil
                  • SPECT
                  • SPM

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