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Relationship between volume flow and velocity in the cerebral circulation
  1. J. O. Rowan,
  2. A. M. Harper,
  3. J. D. Miller2,
  4. G. M. Tedeschi3,
  5. W. B. Jennett
  1. Department of Neurosurgery, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  2. The Wellcome Surgical Research Institute, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
  3. Regional Department of Clinical Physics and Bio-Engineering, Glasgow
  4. The Institute of Neurosurgical Sciences, Glasgow


    The relationship between the velocity of the cerebral circulation and the cerebral blood flow was explored at varying levels of PaCO2, systemic arterial pressure, intracranial pressure, and perfusion pressure, using radioisotope techniques in baboons. Only at low flow rates did velocity increase with flow, and then non-linearly; at high rates velocity increased progressively less. Changes in flow are reflected by changes in velocity in such restricted circumstances that mean circulation time is a very unreliable indication of cerebral blood flow.

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    • 2 Present address: Department of Neurosurgery, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

    • 3 NATO Scholar from the University of Naples.

    • 1 This study was supported by the Medical Research Council.