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Regional cerebrovascular responses to acute ischaemia in normocapnia and hypercapnia
  1. Lindsay Symon
  1. Department of Neurosurgical Studies, The National Hospital, Queen Square, London

    An experimental study in baboons


    Arterial and venous pressures have been measured in the cortical circulation of baboons. Arterial perfusion pressure was found to be relatively lower in hypercapnia than in normocapnia, while venous pressure was higher in hypercapnia than normocapnia. In hypercapnia, during middle cerebral occlusion, the arteriovenous pressure differences virtually disappeared and evidence of collateral inflow to the ischaemic zone was absent. Reactive hyperaemia after middle cerebral occlusion was reduced or abolished in hypercapnia. The significance of these findings in relation to treatment of ischaemic vascular disease with CO2 is discussed.

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    An experimental study in baboons

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