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Lymphocyte sensitization to nervous tissues and muscle in patients with the Guillain-Barré syndrome
  1. E. A. Caspary,
  2. S. Currie,
  3. J. N. Walton,
  4. E. J. Field
  1. Medical Research Council, Demyelinating Diseases Unit, Newcastle General Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne


    By means of an electrophoretic method lymphocytes from patients with the Guillain-Barré syndrome (`acute idiopathic polyneuritis') have been shown to be sensitized to both encephalitogenic factor (EF) and a similar basic protein prepared from human sciatic nerve (SNBP). Sensitization was more marked in the acute stage of the disorder during which there also appeared to be a degree of sensitization to muscle. The results are consistent with the view that lymphocytic infiltration of peripheral nerves in the condition is of pathogenetic significance.

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