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Peripheral neuropathy after disulfiram administration
  1. Christopher Gardner-Thorpe1,
  2. Sidney Benjamin
  1. Wessex Neurological Centre, Southampton, London
  2. The Royal Bethlem and Maudsley Hospitals, London


    Peripheral neuropathy and optic neuritis occurring in alcoholics are sometimes due to the toxic effects of disulfiram rather than to alcohol. Unless this is considered in the management of such patients it is likely that administration of the drug will be continued. In the past there have been reports of 16 cases of peripheral neuropathy and six cases of optic neuritis, possibly caused in this way; these reports are reviewed and a further six cases are described. The effects of disulfiram on the nervous system are briefly discussed.

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    • 1 Present and reprint address: Research Fellow, Department of Neurology, The General Infirmary, Leeds 1.