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Cervical spondylosis causing vertebrobasilar insufficiency: a surgical treatment
  1. Donald R. Smith,
  2. Gary D. Vanderark,
  3. Ludwig G. Kempe
  1. Department of Surgery, Neurosurgery Service, Walter Reed General Hospital, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.


    Although the most common aetiology of transient vertebrobasilar insufficiency is atherosclerosis, a similar syndrome may occasionally be produced by cervical osteophytes. The possibility of such a remedial lesion makes further investigation mandatory in such patients—especially if symptoms are associated with sudden movements of the head or neck. When vertebral compression results from osteophytes, it can be easily relieved by a minor modification of the usual anterior cervical fusion technique. This method has proved to be quite efficacious in two patients whose case histories are reported.

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