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Pneumoencephalo-roulette tomography of operated primary pontine haemorrhage with long survival: report of two cases
  1. M. Kowada,
  2. K. Yamaguchi,
  3. Z. Ito,
  4. S. Matsuoka
  1. Division of Surgical Neurology and Radiology, Research Institute of Brain and Blood Vessels, Akita, Japan


    Pre- and postoperative pneumoencephalo-roulette tomography has been carried out in two cases of primary pontine haemorrhage with long survival. A pontine or cerebellar atrophy was revealed in case 1, in whom an intrapontine haematoma was removed. A markedly hollowed pons on the affected side has been demonstrated nearly five months after ventriculoatrial shunting in case 2.

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