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Assessment of cyclobenzaprine in the treatment of spasticity
  1. Peter Ashby,
  2. David Burke,
  3. Sudhakar Rao,
  4. Richard F. Jones
  1. Division of Neurology, Prince Henry Hospital, Sydney, Australia
  2. The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Prince Henry Hospital, Sydney, Australia


    The efficacy of cyclobenzaprine 60 mg/day in the treatment of spasticity was assessed in a double-blind crossover trial of two weeks' duration in 15 patients suffering from cerebral or spinal spasticity. Independent clinical and electromyographic methods were used. The effects of cyclobenzaprine did not differ significantly from those of placebo. The administration of a higher dosage, 150 mg/day, to one patient revealed a dose-related response, but the degree of improvement was clinically small. Apart from a skin rash there were no significant untoward effects of therapy.

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