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Electrophysiological evidence for a distal lesion in alcoholic neuropathy
  1. E. B. Casey,
  2. Pamela M. Le Quesne
  1. Medical Research Council Toxicology Unit, Carshalton, Surrey, London
  2. The Department of Neurological Studies, The Middlesex Hospital, London


    Nerve conduction studies were carried out on 16 alcoholic subjects with minimal or no clinical evidence of peripheral neuropathy. Digital nerve action potentials recorded at the base of the finger were reduced in amplitude in five but the potential at the wrist was reduced in only one. In two other patients, even though the values were within the control range, the ratio of the amplitude recorded from the finger and from the wrist was smaller than in control subjects. Thus, by recording both digital and wrist action potentials, abnormalities have been demonstrated in seven of 16 patients, whereas the wrist potential was abnormal in only one. Conduction velocity was slightly reduced in the fingers in three patients.

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