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Cerebrospinal fluid choline in extrapyramidal disorders
  1. S- M. Aquilonius2,
  2. B. Nyström,
  3. J. Schuberth,
  4. A. Sundwall
  1. Research Institute of National Defence, Department 1, Sundbyberg, Sweden
  2. Department of Neurosurgery, University of Uppsala, Sweden
  3. Psychiatric Research Center, Ulleråker Hospital, University of Uppsala, Sweden
  4. Department of Pharmacology, University of Uppsala, Sweden


    Cerebrospinal fluid from patients with Parkinson's disease and Huntington's chorea has been investigated with regard to the concentration of choline. In Parkinson's disease the choline concentration of lumbar spinal fluid was not different from that of a control group, nor was it related to medication, duration of illness, or severity of symptoms. A comparison between choline in ventricular cerebrospinal fluid from patients with Parkinson's disease and with intention tremor showed no significant differences. Patients with Huntington's chorea had a lower concentration of choline in lumbar spinal fluid as compared with a control group. The results are discussed in relation to the possible sources of cerebrospinal fluid choline.

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    • 2 Present address: Department of Neurology, University of Uppsala, Sweden.

    • 1 A preliminary report of this work was presented at the XXVth Scandinavian Pharmacological Meeting, Copenhagen 1971.

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