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Two-dimensional echoencephalography with electronic sector scanning
  1. H. A. C. Kamphuisen,
  2. J. C. Somer,
  3. W. A. Oosterbaan
  1. Department of Clinical Neurophysiology, University of Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  2. The Institute of Medical Physics T.N.O., Utrecht, The Netherlands

    Clinical experiences with a new method


    A new form of ultrasound diagnostic possibility is presented (the electroscan). The basic principles of this two dimensional method are described. Special attention is given to the probe consisting of an array of 21 elements of piezo-electric material. The results of this method in four patients are discussed (meningioma, arteriovenous aneurysm, subdural haematoma, and a baby with hydrocephalus). The baby with hydrocephalus showed diagnostic problems which could be understood from the pneumoencephalographic findings. The electroscan method seems to offer good possibilities for the diagnosis of brain lesions, if these have a consistency different from that of normal brain tissue.

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    Clinical experiences with a new method

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