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Sequelae to pneumoencephalography
  1. Y. S. White,
  2. D. S. Bell,
  3. R. Mellick
  1. Psychiatric Research Unit, Callan Park Hospital, Rozelle 2039, Australia


    Fifty patients were examined clinically and neurologically for seven days after pneumoencephalography. Headache was present in 78%, neck stiffness in 34%, pyrexia in 38%, vomiting in 34%, tachycardia in 74%, a change in the level of consciousness in 18%, and abnormal neurological signs in 30%. Of the 13 patients with epilepsy, there was an increased frequency of seizures in four, associated with increased EEG epileptiform activity in three. EEG abnormality either appeared or increased in 74% of cases on the second day after the air study. A mechanism for the production of these sequelae is proposed. It is concluded that these findings indicate that in most cases an organic brain syndrome follows pneumoencephalography.

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