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Superior orbital fissure syndrome
  1. J. F. Hallpike1
  1. Department of Neurology, St. George's Hospital, London

    Some clinical and radiological observations


    A patient is described with features of a superior orbital fissure (Tolosa Hunt) syndrome and a coexistent intraorbital lesion. There was radiological evidence both of narrowing of the carotid artery and of an intraorbital obstruction of venous return from the orbit. The diagnostic value of orbital venography and carotid angiography in the investigation of granulomata in the region of the orbit is stressed. The condition described here is responsive to corticosteroids and it is also inferred that there may be a clinicopathological spectrum encompassing both the Tolosa Hunt syndrome and pseudotumour of the orbit.

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    Some clinical and radiological observations


    • 1 Present address: Institute of Neurology, Queen Square, London. WC1N 3BG.