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Spinal cord blood flow in dogs: the effect of blood pressure
  1. Ian R. Griffiths1
  1. Wellcome Surgical Research Institute, University of Glasgow


    A study has been made into the effects of blood pressure on the spinal cord blood flow. Under conditions of normoxia and normocarbia a well-functioning autoregulation was present between 150-60 mmHg. Below 60 mmHg the flow decreased with reductions in pressure. In individual dogs, autoregulation was sometimes present to 40 mmHg. Under conditions of hypoxia or hypercarbia, autoregulation was absent or severely impaired. The results are discussed in relation to the cerebral circulation and to some aspects of experimental cord disease.

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    • 1 Present address: Department of Veterinary Surgery, University of Glasgow, and the Veterinary Hospital, Bearsden, Glasgow.