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Myeloma cells in the cerebrospinal fluid in plasma cell neoplasia
  1. A. M. Afifi1
  1. Cairo, Egypt


    Myeloma cells were detected in the cerebrospinal fluid of two patients with plasma cell neoplasia during the myelographic studies of 38 patients whose myeloma was associated with extensive neurological complications. The myeloma cells were looked for in Wright stained centrifuged deposit of 2–5 ml samples of the cerebrospinal fluid obtained during myelography. The possibility that occult traumatic lumbar puncture had allowed entry of circulating myeloma cells from the peripheral blood into the subarachnoid space was excluded by the absence of myeloma cells in smears of peripheral blood and its buffy coat. Up to the end stages of the disease the meningeal myeloma lesions remained microscopical and no signs of raised intracranial tension were manifested by either patient.

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