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Infections of cervical disc space after dental extractions
  1. J. A. Feigenbaum,
  2. W. E. Stern
  1. Department of Surgery, Division of Neurosurgery, UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California 90024, U.S.A.


    Two patients with infections of the cervical intervertebral disc space after dental procedures carried out by the same oral surgeon exhibited similar clinical courses and radiographic appearances. Both had bacteriological confirmation of infection by needle aspiration and were treated with appropriate antibiotics and bracing of the neck. The presumed aetiology and the possible pathogenesis are described. Evidence suggests that the two infections were the result of needle injection of a contaminated solution, the organisms of which haematogenously lodged in the intervertebral discs in the cervical region. Lymph drainage from the gums and teeth is suggested as a possible route of inoculation.

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