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Slow saccadic eye movements in Wilson's disease
  1. Trevor H. Kirkham1,
  2. David F. Kamin2
  1. National Hospital, Queen Square, London


    This is the first reported case of Wilson's disease where a global defect of saccadic eye movements has been documented by electro-oculography. The defect of rapid eye movements is discussed in relation to current anatomical, pathological, and experimental work relating to the descending frontobulbar saccadic eye movement system. It is suggested that the caudate nucleus pathology in Wilson's disease might be responsible for the defect of saccadic movement by interrupting a descending polysynaptic pathway.

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    • 1 Address for reprints: Eye Department, The Children's Hospital, Tupper Street, Montreal, Canada.

    • 2 Fellow, Jules Stein Eye Institute, U.C.L.A. Los Angeles, California.