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Focal reflex myoclonus
  1. G. G. Sutton,
  2. R. F. Mayer
  1. Department of Neurology, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, U.S.A.


    In a patient with reflex myoclonus limited to the right side of the body, stimulation of the right median nerve in the index finger or wrist elicited a very large somatosensory evoked response (SER) and a long loop C reflex which represents an electrically evoked myoclonic response. It is suggested that the pathway for the C reflex is through peripheral nerve, dorsal funiculus of spinal cord, contralateral VP nucleus of thalamus, sensorimotor cortex, corticospinal tract, and anterior horn cell. The large SER, C reflex, and myoclonic jerks are presumed to result from a release effect causing increased excitability at central synapses along this pathway. The patient presented has a large atrophic vascular lesion involving the left frontotemporoparietal region and involvement of pathways through the right superior cerebellar peduncle to account for the neural dysfunction.

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    • 1 Presented at the Society for Neuroscience, 29 October 1971, Washington, D.C. Supported in part from research grants (MH1-7006 and NSO6779) from the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Public Health Services.