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Effect of systemic arterial blood pressure on cerebral blood flow in intracranial hypertension.
  1. F Matakas,
  2. G Eibs,
  3. J Cuypers


    In five baboons and 11 cats cerebral ischaemia was produced either by inflating an epidural balloon and or by ligating major arteries supplying the brain. Fifteen of the animals developed intracranial hypertension after cerebral ischaemia. If ICP were high, but still significantly lower than MABP, elevation of MABP by noradrenaline infusions was accompanied by a proportional increase of ICP. However, the increase of ICP was lower than that of MABP so that CPP was raised. CBF measured by the 133Xenon clearance technique was significantly increased by arterial hypertension in eight cases. The proportional increase of CPP and CBF by elevation of arterial blood pressure was substantially greater, the lower ICP was immediately after ischaemia. There was no effect of MABP in cases in which ICP equalled MABP.

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