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Myxoedematous polyneuropathy: a light and electron microscopic study of the peripheral nerve and muscle.
  1. T Shirabe,
  2. S Tawara,
  3. A Terao,
  4. S Araki


    Histopathological findings of biopsied peripheral nerve and muscle were studied in a case with myxoedematous polyneuropathy. The most striking findings in the sural nerve were segmental demyelination and onion bulb formation with scanty mucinous deposits in addition to marked loss of large myelinated nerve fibres. The peroneus brevis muscle revealed the association of neuropathic and myopathic changes. It is suggested that myxoedematous polyneuropathy might be intrinsic neuropathy due to metabolic disorder of Schwann cells related to hypothyroidism, resulting in segmental demyelination, not merely compressive neuropathy due to mucinous deposits in the peripheral nerves.

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