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Clinical experience with automatic midline echoencephalography: cooperative study of three neurosurgical clinics.
  1. M Klinger,
  2. E Kazner,
  3. T Grumme,
  4. V Amtenbrink,
  5. G Graef,
  6. K H Hartmann,
  7. H Hopman,
  8. W Meese,
  9. B Vogel


    Computerized midline echoencephalography was developed in order to make the determination of the midline more objective. In a group study involving the neurosurgical clinics in Berlin, Erlangen, and Munich, a total of 1,889 patients with various intracranial diseases was examined by this method. An exact analysis of the results obtained is presented: 18 percent were unsatisfactory.

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