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A phenothiazine derivative in the treatment of spasticity.
  1. D Burke,
  2. C Hammond,
  3. N Skuse,
  4. R F Jones


    The efficacy of a selective fusimotor suppressant, the phenothiazine (+/-)-10-3-dimethylamino-2-methylpropyl)-2-valeroylphenothiazine, has been assessed in a double-blind crossover trail in eight patients suffering from cerebral spasticity and one patient suffering from spinal spasticity. Dosage was 40 mg daily. Independent clinical and electromyographic methods of assessment were used. The active agent produced a small but significant reduction in spasticity, although this was of clinical value in only a few patients. There were few side-effects. It is recommended that further studies using higher dosages be undertaken.

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