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Single fibre electromyographic studies in myasthenia gravis with repetitive nerve stimulation.
  1. M S Schwartz,
  2. E Stålberg


    A method is described for repetitive stimulation studies in myasthenia gravis using submaximal stimulation and single muscle fibre recording techniques. It was found that there were no impulse blockings due to neuromuscular transmission factors in normal subjects with 2 Hz stimulation, although there was a decrease or increase in the number of potentials which was caused by axonal stimulation factors. In myasthenia gravis a pathological picture was obtained, consisting of impulse blockings and facilitation at this rate in all of the eight patients studied, even those with only the ocular form of myasthenia and without surface decrement in the ADM. This technique allows study of both the minimally involved motor endplates and those with pronounced neuromuscular disturbances.

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