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Parallel variation of ventricular CSF tryptophan and free serum tryptophan in man.
  1. S N Young,
  2. S Lal,
  3. F Feldmuller,
  4. T L Sourkes,
  5. R M Ford,
  6. M Kiely,
  7. J B Martin


    Tryptophan was measured in the ventricular CSE and serum and the neutral amino acids leucine, isoleucine, valine, phenylalanine, and tyrosine were measured in the serum of two cases with ventricular drains. Samples were taken every two hours for 24 hours in one case and for 16 hours in the other. The CSF tryptophan was correlated significantly with the free--that is, non-albumin-bound--serum tryptophan but not with the total serum tryptophan. CSF tryptophan was not correlated significantly with the ratio of free serum tryptophan to the sum of the neutral amino acids. These data suggest that, in man, brain tryptophan concentrations are influenced by the free and not the total serum tryptophan and that physiological variations of the neutral amino acids do not appreciably influence the concentration of brain trytophan.

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