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Lactate dehydrogenase and aspartete transaminase of the cerebrospinal fluid in patients with brain tumours, congenital hydrocephalus, and brain abscess.
  1. S R Dharker,
  2. R S Dharker,
  3. B D Chaurasia


    The diagnostic value of CSF lactate dehydrogenase and aspartate transaminase in cases of brain tumours (except for CSF AST in the benign tumours), congenital hydrocephalus, and brain abscess is established. Tumour cyst fluids show a higher enzymatic activity than does the CSF. The two enzyme estimations do not help in differentiating the supratentorial from the infratentorial tumours. CSF AST is superior to CSF LD in discriminating the malignant and benign tumours, in so far as the AST is increases selectively in malignancy. Estimates of CSF LD are slightly superior to those of CSF AST, both in incidence of abnormality and the degree of their rise.

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