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Neurological disorders in the elderly at home.
  1. G A Broe,
  2. A J Akhtar,
  3. G R Andrews,
  4. F I Caird,
  5. A J Gilmore,
  6. W J McLennan


    Eight hundred and eight subjects participated in three surveys of random samples of people aged 65 years or more living in their own homes. Neurological history and examination showed the prevalence of completed stroke to be 73 per 1000. Eighty-seven subjects per 1000 gave a history of transient cerebral ischaemic attacks. These prevalence rates were unaffected by age or sex. Senile dementia was diagnosed in 24 subjects per 1000 under 75 years and 109 per 1000 over that age. The prevalence of dementia of all types was 43 per 1000 under, and 140 per 1000, over 75 years of age. Parkinsonism was diagnosed in 16 subjects per 1000, and essential tremor in 17 per 1000. The prevalence of epilepsy was four subject per 1000. Other neurological disorders were diagnosed in 36 subjects, and a similar number had neurological abnormalities to which a definite diagnosis could not be given.

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