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An unusual cause of apparent epilepsy: ECG and EEG findings in a case of Jervell Lange-Neilson syndrome.
  1. P J Selby,
  2. M V Driver


    A case is presented of apparent epilepsy which proved to be due to recurrent ventricular tachyarrhythmias (torsade de pointe). The relationship between the cardiac arrhythmia and changes in the electroencephalograph is recorded and analysed. This is probably an example of the 'Jervell Lange-Neilson' syndrome of cardiac arrhythmias which may produce ictal episodes, prolongation of the QTc interval of the ECG, and sensori-neural deafness. The features of the syndrome, its pathology and treatment, and its relevance to the mangement of epilepsy are discussed.

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