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Plasma DOPA levels and growth hormone response to levodopa in parkinsomism.
  1. A Galea-Debono,
  2. P Jenner,
  3. C D Marsden,
  4. J D Parkes,
  5. D Tarsy,
  6. J Walters


    It has been suggested that the therapeutic response to levodopa in patients with Parkinson's disease may be related to changes in plasma growth hormone concentration. In order to examine this problem, we have determined plasma DOPA and growth hormone levels after a standard oral levodopa load in 32 patients with Parkinson's disease. Levodopa caused an increase in plasma growth hormone concentration in 30 subjects. The magnitude and timing of this growth hormone response was not related to the clinical response, the presence or absence of response swings, or the occurrence of dyskinesias. The growth hormone response to levodopa is normal in patients with Parkinson's disease and not altered by long-term levodopa treatment.

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