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Antenatal diagnosis of Krabbe's leucodystrophy: enzymatic and morphological confirmation in an affected fetus.
  1. D F Farrell,
  2. S M Sumi,
  3. C R Scott,
  4. G Rice


    Galactosylceramide beta-galactosidase activity was assayed in cultured amniotic fluid cells from two pregnancies at risk for Krabbe's leucodystrophy. The elective termination of one pregnancy was carried out after demonstration of a severe deficiency of galactosylceramide beta-galactosidase activity. The diagnosis of Krabbe's leucodystrophy in the affected fetus was confirmed enzymatically by a deficiency of galactosylceramide beta-galactosidase inbrain, liver, kidney, and cultured skin fibroblasts, and histologically by the ultrastructural demonstration of the typical intracellular inclusions in cells of the spinal cord.

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