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Neurological asymmetries immediately after unilateral ECT.
  1. A Kriss,
  2. L D Blumhardt,
  3. A M Halliday,
  4. R T Pratt


    Twenty-nine right handed patients were examined neurologically before and immediately after each of 62 unilateral ECTs to the dominant and non-dominant hemispheres. Most convulsions were followed by signs of transitory neurological dysfunction referable to the treated hemisphere. These signs included deep tendon reflex asymmetry, hemiparesis, tactile and visual inattention, and homonymous hemianopia. After treatment to the right hemisphere some patients had left visuospatial neglect, while all patients who had dominant hemisphere ECT were transiently dysphasic. All neurological abnormalities tested resolved within 20 minutes of treatment.

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